Sex: Male

Alias: General Okunka

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Birthplace: AccraGhanari
Division: Welterweightt
Reach: 70"
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5' 11"


Unbeaten welterweight Fredrick Lawson believes his time is now.

In your last fight, you defeated countryman Ray Narh in October on ESPN. What did that performance teach American fans about you?

Actually that performance is very much not matching my [best] performance. It's very likely that it happened that way because I was facing my countryman in the ring on the world stage. It was a chance to showcase my skills [to the world]. But I did something else very different coming in. So we think [right now it's] so far, so good. We are getting ready for [Thursday] and getting in shape and getting ready for Prescott.

You've been working under the tutelage of trainer Abel Sanchez, who works with Gennady Golovkin, among others. How has Abel helped you improve?

[As a coach] Abel has helped me a lot to improve my skills and let me know what I am about. Actually, first we met very young in the game and have kept along quite good. Abel has many years in the game so he has added to my spirit and to my life. I'm very glad I am able to work with him.

Your native country Ghana has a rich history of producing tough, durable fighters. Why do you believe that's true?

Because we like fighting. We are strong, we are brave and we don't fear nothing.

Your opponent Prescott has a wealth of experience against big-name fighters. What type of fight are you expecting?

I know he's a boxer who is good and has fought some of the big names in the boxing world. Whatever he wants to bring, we are ready for him. No matter how he looks, that's his problem. We don't [have] any problem and are ready for the fight. It's what we do. We are ready.

Why will you be the winner of this fight?

Because I believe in myself and I know what I have to do. I listen to my [corner] and it's a team effort. This fight is for us and my people and my victory.